Boas Festas

If I don’t get anything else done to this blog before the festive season then at least I will have wished everyone in the town of Uckfield a very happy Christmas!!

But especially to Karen for putting up with me for another year and my small family, even my tiny mother…she’s getting smaller with each passing year :)

Also to my colleagues at Bird In Eye farm Shop, without whom I would never have re-discovered how amazing it is to work with a good crew and have a lot of laughs, so to Peter, Andy, Rob, Steph and Henry, Del and all of those loyal lovely customers, happy Christmas.

Not forgetting my buddies at Waitrose who got to know me when I worked as the dreaded car park attendant, so to Jacob, Mark, James, Ian, Alex and Cath, Helen, Heidi, Natalie and all the others, have a great Christmas.